Mittwoch, 8. April 2015

News: Minirig - now with Bluetooth!

Yes, finally Minirigs brought us their great Minirig with Bluetooth included, something many owners were already asking for from the beginning.

The great thing about the new one: it supports AptX for best streaming quality and 2 of them can be wirelessly paired for stereo sound! Apart from that it is as sturdy and great looking as the old one. It is water resistant and still has the impressive battery life of 8 hours at maximum volume or up to 50 hours at moderate levels! If I think about the UE Boom which dies after 2 hours on top volume, but hardly manages to sound as good as the Minirig...
You can check out how both compare at maximum volume from my video I did last summer, although I was still using the old non-Bluetooth Minirig. The new one is supposed to have even better sound especially at lower levels as according to the engineer there is some bassboost included now, which makes the sound even more full-bodied than before, which also shows up in the specs: while the old Minirig was only rated down to 100Hz the new one should play to 75Hz which is on par with the JBL Charge 2 now.

Let's hope I can get one of the new Bluetooth Minirigs for a test soon...

Montag, 30. März 2015

Music selection for the upcoming speaker comparison tool

For my upcoming speaker comparison tool or interactive database (or however it will be called then) I wanted to cover many modern and representative music-genres that should give you a better idea of how a speaker behaves with this or that kind of music. Jump in to help me finding the right tracks.

Mittwoch, 18. März 2015

$$$ - A short note on my own behalf

First of all I want to thank everyone who was willing to press the donate button in the meantime. As you can see I had added a "donate"-widget at the top of this site some time ago for everyone who finds my work helpful and who wants to support me. Any small amount will help me to continue the work on this blog.

Although I am not a big fan of advertisments many will probably also have noticed that there are some more ads in the blog-layout now. In future I will also add affiliate links to various amazon-stores which will be just a way to help me cover a fraction of the costs this blog is causing.

Just to let you know, I am not getting rich with this, I started this as fun project in my spare time and because of my passion for music and portable devices. Every amount of money I "earned" was put back into the blog by buying new speakers, new recording and measuring equipment and lately paying the programmer who is currently coding the new "interactive audio database":

To tell the truth I currently have more financial loss because of all this than benefit, not even mentioning the time which goes into this. Meanwhile I am even not quite sure if I will be ever able to finish everything as I liked, because there is still lots of time to be put inside to prepare all the recordings etc. My family is already protesting against this...

But with this tool I really hoped to be able to create something unique and helpful for everyone who is interested in portable speakers as much as I am and I think the new audio database could become a first important resource for everyone who wants to get a first impression of how this speaker compares against another one.
I put lots of thought into the setup to make the recordings as consistent as possible and the intention is to complement the database with new speakers continuously, although please understand that I cannot afford buying any new speaker just because someone asks me to do so. Neither do I expect any of the big boys like JBL, Bose, Sony etc. sending me speakers for free, but I welcome any loaner of anyone who would like to have their speakers recorded and added to the list. Please be patient a bit. I have already got some cool music from great musicians to be used for this tool, I am still waiting for a response from other artists if they would like to contribute. When the final playlist covering many different genres is finally finished, I can start with the recordings and then publish this tool online.

Thanks to everyone for your support and let's look ahead at even some more interesting gadgets in future!

Your, Oluv!

Dienstag, 10. März 2015

Music: essentially worth listening

I have been working on something new for some months now and there will be a big surprise coming soon on this site, so please be patient.
Along the way I also contacted various musicians for the right content and would like to present a unique artist who gave me permission for using his music for my speaker comparisons:

Soulpersona with Digisoul records already released some outstanding artists like Carl Hudson who I presented last year with his "Zoology for Martians". But Soulpersona did some brilliant own recordings together with Princess Freesia as well which you have to check out if you are into electronic R'n'B/Funk groove with some deeper inspirations taken from the Discofunk/Boogie sound of 80s.

The first album by "Soulperfreesia", which is an "Amalgamation" of Soulpersona and Princess Freesia is still from last year, but nevertheless sounds fresh and funky even today and should be played at any event where real groove is in great demand.

"FateFul Attraction" by Princess Freesia is more of a "solo-album" and might appear a bit more "mainstream", but still bears the strong sound signature of Soulpersona who was responsible for all the production work.

Here comes "Fast Forward" from Soulpersona featuring Princess Freesia again, the most recent release from last month with great pounding production work and one track featuring legendary vocalist Jocelyn Brown and a funky disco instumental with Carl Hudson playing a spacy lead-solo. One of my favorite albums currently which gets played just in a repeat-loop.

Samstag, 7. Februar 2015

Denon Envaya Mini teardown...

Mark, a good friend of mine finally took the risk to open his Denon Envaya Mini. For all those interested about the drivers and their specs (the drivers are rated at 4W btw.) but also those who want to know what kind of battery is built in and if it can be easily replaced, you must have a look at his video where he managed to tear his Envaya Mini nearly completely apart. Of course he also reassembled it again and made it work just like before:

Montag, 12. Januar 2015

Review: UE Megaboom - too much boom to be good?

Happy new year with hopefully many new happy speakers! Therefore let's immediately start with the first one, the new UE Megaboom that was just released recently.
The Megaboom should hopefully improve on many aspects of the smaller UE Boom promising bigger sound, bigger bass and better features out of a bigger body. I was never a big friend of the original UE Boom. Although it had some great potential, it failed completely on overall sound quality and I also found it to be overpriced too much for what it offered. Now the Megaboom seems to continue with this fashion to be priced higher than the competition and equal to many other comparable portable "permium" speakers thus at 300$/€ it competes directly with current offerings like those from Beats with their Pill XL, or the Infinity One and the Bose Soundlink III maybe even the slightly more expensive B&O Beoplay A2 which has a similar 360° sound concept. Come in to see if Ultimate Ears can really keep the promise of offering something outstanding this time.

Samstag, 27. Dezember 2014

Denon Envaya Mini für €79,90 (Versandkostenfrei in Deutschland)

Kaum ist Weihnachten vorbei, beginnt Weihnachten erst so richtig, denn Comtech hat gerade ein interessantes und zeitbegrenztes Angebot für alle unseren deutschen Mitleser: der Denon Envaya Mini frei Haus.

Wer bei diesem Angebot nicht zuschlägt, ist selber schuld ;-)

PS. Ich bekomme keine Provision vom Händler oder so, wollte das Angebot einfach an alle Interessierten oder Unentschiedenen weitergeben, die von meinem Testbericht immer noch nicht überzeugt wurden.

Würde mich natürlich über alle Kommentare von neuen Besitzern zu dem Gerät freuen!

Sonntag, 21. Dezember 2014

Best portable Bluetooth speakers (Oluv's personal favorites 2014)

With this list I want to show you my personal favorite portable speakers that I use on a regular basis including some explanation why I have chosen them over some others and when I use this instead of that. It's been quite a long time I wanted to prepare a kind of best-of list of all portable speakers I know or that I have heard. But after having heard so many, I thought that a real best-of is simply not doable as each speaker has its own strengths or weaknesses. After all those years it seemed I would still not be able to find a single speaker which would satisfy all my needs not until I have heard the new Denon Envaya Mini, which mixed up my whole perspective and made my whole list until now pretty useless. The Denon Envaya Mini finally persuaded me to sell all other speakers I currently own, including JBL Charge 2, Fugoo, Sony SRS-X3 etc. Therefore I would like to present *drum roll* the Denon Envaya Mini as my current favorite portable speaker.

Review: Denon Envaya Mini DSB100 - the mini speaker (r)evolution

I already reviewed the bigger Denon Envaya DSB200 which was introduced earlier this year and although I found it to be quite a solid performer, it didn't knock my socks off. My favorite speaker by then was the Soundlink Mini which was considerably smaller but managed quite a similar sound. Although both were tuned differently, I couldn't discern any real advantage in sound if I chose the Denon Envaya over the Soundlink Mini with a similar boomy bass and similarly muffled treble, except a slightly higher overall loudness but at the same time ending up with a much larger speaker.
Now the smaller brother of the Denon Envaya, the "DSB100" was announced recently without making big waves about it as I only managed to hear about it per chance. I became really curious to hear what Denon managed to sequeeze out of a speaker that small, as they don't seem to be a company to contend themself with little. Let me tell you that this is finally the speaker which indeed managed to blow my mind more than any other portabler speaker I have tried in the last years. Come in to find out why.